Lever Weekly Report Jun.10 — Jun.16

Technical Progress

  1. Lever V2 launched on HECO. What’s NEW:
  • Optimization of Open/Close Position. Open & Close Position are both available under the Margin tab.
  • Market Order. Users can now place market orders on the Margin page.
  • Limit Order. Users can now place limit orders on the Margin page.
  • Stop-limit Order. Users can now place stop-limit orders on the Margin page.
  • Optimization of Service Fee. Fees collected will be used for future $LEV buyback.

2. Lever V2 code audit complete. Full audit report by Certik https://lever.network/CertiK%20Audit%20Report%20for%20Lever%20V2.pdf

3. Several UI bug fixes.

4. Listing of new assets.

Marketing & Operations

  1. Partnership meeting with the Chainlink team.

2. AMA with the HECO official community.

3. Multiple launch events for the HECO version: Liquidity Mining & Staking, 2X Pre-registration Event, Starters Gift, etc.

4. Listing preparation on Huobi Wallet, DeFiBox, Bitkeep, and Token Pocket.

Market Data

Cross-chain Deposit Pool: $2,965,625
Cross-chain Loan Pool: $1,643,254
Overall Loan-deposit Ratio: 55.41%
Cross-chain Traders: 1,190
Cross-chain Trades: 3,773
Cross-chain Margin Trading Volume: $35,021,194.41



Confirmed: Chainlink
In progress: Substrate, etc.

Join LEVER Community:

Site: https://lever.network/
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/LeverNetwork
Telegram Ann: https://t.me/levernetwork_ann
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeverNetwork
Discord: https://discord.gg/vfKupyqq2V



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