To Lever’s SHO participants on DAOMaker

Dear Lever community,

Despite being audited by three audit firms (RD Ventures, Hacken, and Certik), 4 DAO Maker’s vesting contracts with no burn feature were exploited last night.

Lever’s vesting contract was not affected by this bug as our vesting contracts have a burning feature. However, the DAO Maker team decided to stop all smart contract operations indefinitely to ensure the guaranteed safety of our investors and the well-being of our company.

Companies that were affected are DeRace, Showcase, CoinsPaid, and Ternoa. All the other projects, including Lever are safe and not affected. Yet even though 3 audit firms could not find this problem, they decided that they can never be sure that the other contracts are 100% safe.

Moving Away from Vesting Contracts:

Following the event, the DAO Maker team decided to shut down all vesting contracts, including the Lever contract, which is currently not in danger. Together with the DAO Maker team, we will proceed with “ Withdrawing” our investors’ tokens from the vesting contract ASAP. Tokens will get withdrawn to the secure wallet owned by us.

Once the withdrawal is complete, we will soon announce the new distribution method. Please keep an eye on our social media.

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