Lever Weekly Report Jul. 1-Jun. 7

Jul 8, 2021


Technical Progress

  1. Improved internal data center for better tracking of user traffic and performance.
  2. Working on the implementation of the second round of liquidity mining and staking.
  3. Working on increasing leverage multiplier for certain assets.

Marketing & Operations

  1. Community voting for the second round of liquidity mining and staking.
  2. Token allocation plan for the upcoming new liquidity mining and staking.
  3. Internal proposal of a partnership program to offer better liquidity incentives for new token listings.

Market Data

Cross-chain Deposit Pool: $410,284
Cross-chain Loan Pool: $80,436
Overall Loan-deposit Ratio: 19.60%
Cross-chain Assets: 42
Cross-chain Trades: 4,191
Cross-chain Margin Trading Volume: $35,960,729.41


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