Lever SHO on DAOMaker Starts May 3rd!

We are pleased to announce that Lever’s SHO on DAOMaker will take place on May 3rd. Details are as follows:

Key Metrics:

Ticker: $LEV
Token Supply: 100,000,000
Initial Token Circulation: 4,330,000
Initial Market Capitalization: $2,165,000
Platform Raise: $95,000
Personal Allocation: $500
Price: $0.25
Lock-up: 20% at the TGE, then quarterly vesting 20%.

Full Research Page: https://daomaker.com/company/lever-network

How to Participate: https://medium.com/daomaker/dao-pad-participation-guidelines-8eb4057035b8

Registrations: 3rd of May 12:00 UTC
Registrations Deadline: 4th of May 12:00 UTC
Winners Announced: 4th of May till 18:00 UTC

Note: TGE will take place in early May and the token will be distributed by DAOMaker. Please refer to DAOMaker’s announcement.

For More:
Lever Site: https://www.lever.network/
Lever Chat: https://t.me/LeverNetwork
Lever Ann: https://t.me/levernetwork_ann
Lever Twitter: https://twitter.com/LeverNetwork
DAOMaker Site: https://daomaker.com/
DAOMaker Chat: https://t.me/daomaker
DAOMaker Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDaoMaker

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