📢Lever Meme Contest Round 2 Winners😜

We are delighted to announce that Lever Meme Contest Round 2 has successfully concluded. All the Memes submitted from our community made our team so laugh so hard.

Even though it’s hard for the team to choose the best memes from all those amazing works, we have made our decision that the Top Reward goes to @risk22_

$500 LEV is ready for you!

Top Reward Goes To @risk22_

Top2–3, 200 $LEV for you to Grab!

Top 2 MEME From @maesacalya2
Top 3 MEME From @FitriaLily

Top 4 — Top 10, 100 $LEV each (The list is not ranked)

MEME From @ginaatra
MEME From @Farel201m
MEME From @Cryptol82046189
MEME From @alhadisiroj
MEME From @RabbitKid8
MEME From @Kapan_Kongrat

We find some users trying to use bots to increase Likes. To ensure the fairness of the contest, we made the ranking based on Lever Team’s preference.

Thank you guys so much for sharing all the amazing MEMEs with us, they totally made my day!

To claim your reward, please DM us on Twitter with your BSC address over the weekend, and you will receive your reward next week!

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