📢Lever Meme Contest Round 1 Winners😜

We are delighted to announce that Lever Meme Contest Round 1 has successfully concluded. All the Memes submitted from LeverArmy made me laugh my head off.

Even though it’s hard for the team to choose the 10 best memes from all those amazing works, we have made our decision that the Top Reward goes to @cvxv666

$500 LEV is ready for you!

Top 1 Meme from @cvxv666

Top2–3, 200 $LEV for you to Grab!

Top 2 Meme from @mario19931993
Top 3 Meme from @Vikram90130558

Top 4 - Top 10, 100 $LEV each (The list is not ranked)

Meme from @VNetravathi
Meme from @jmendes_0
Meme from @akashdanushkagg
Meme from @risk22_
Meme from @Diego84908827
Meme from @SimoesVeranus
Meme from @elasaiprudhvi

We find some users trying to use bots to increase Likes. To ensure the fairness of the contest, we made the ranking based on Lever Team’s preference.

❤️Thanks LeverArmy, you guys totally made my day! DM your BSC Address and claim your reward!

Now that with $DOGECOIN listing on Lever, you can deposit/borrow to farm 50,000 $LEV and perform leverage trading to fight for UP to 3,000 USDT!

More trending assets coming soon!

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