$LEV Governance Plan, Cast Your Vote for Asset Listing Now!

Democracy and good governance are essential to building a good project.

In order to ensure the major decisions are made by the Lever community impartially, e.g., what upgrades, incentives, or changes we should make to build Lever more attractive to community members, $LEV governance will be initiated in response to our members’ advice.

To do so, we have ported the well-known snapshot.page, an off-chain governance app supporting simple governance in the form of creating and voting on proposals.

This is the first step towards a fully decentralized project and governance. In terms of which, the Lever community shall feel more related to the project. With our joint endeavors, Lever will soon become a more competitive project.

The launch of $LEV governance is to encourage the participation of all Lever users and empower users to take ownership of Lever upgrade, parameter adjustment, and the release process. Learning how decentralization works is a continuous process for the Lever team, and the Lever community as well. We sincerely welcome valuable advice and suggestions to build a full-on-chain governance application and model.

$LEV governance model will include proposals, voting, implementation processes, etc.

To commence the first community vote, we are going to let the Lever community decide which trending assets Lever should list in the next couple of days.

Step 1

Step 3

  • Once connected, select any number of choices as you like.

Step 4

  • Confirm your choices with a signed message from your wallet.

This round of voting will last for 24 hours.
Final snapshots of voting power will be taken when the proposal closes. And the top 3 assets will be listed on Lever. Both LEV and vLEV (staking certificate) holders have the right to vote.

The voting power is equal to the amount of LEV or vLEV in your wallet.
No gas fee or transaction fee will be collected during the voting.
All votes are final, once you approve your vote, you cannot undo or change it.

In the coming future, we would like to add a general governance section, where all members from the Lever community will be able to create and vote on proposals regarding any aspects of Lever. Stay tuned and be creative. We need your assistance to make this a better place.

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