⏰ Jun. 23 ⏰ New Listing Coming.04 🔥18,000 $LEV in Reward 🎁

Lever initiated the third Governance Event to vote for the asset listing on Jun. 21st.

🎉To celebrate 9 of the new trending assets listing on Lever ETH, BSC, and HECO version, we are holding another round of Liquidity Mining for these 9 listed altcoins to offer a total of 🎁18,000 $LEV for Lever’s loyal users!

#LEVERARMY Assemble!!

📝Liquidity Mining

📅Duration: Jun. 23 , 8:00 AM UTC to Jun. 30, 8:00 AM UTC.

🎁Allocation: 2,000 $LEV for each asset (1,000 $LEV for Depositing, 1,000 $LEV for Borrowing)

🙋How to participate:

  • Borrowing: borrow any mentioned assets on Lever and you will start earning $LEV. Your rewarded $LEV is calculated in real-time based on your proportion in the loan pool of the asset.

💡For LEV mining APR calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10bIBUq4EwnMKs78r5R7TYMvjus1RCDR0zI5Xv7Xanhg/edit?usp=sharing

More trending assets will be available soon!🔥

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