$DYDX Listing Event

Dear Lever Traders:

Lever Network will list $DYDX on ETH APP on Sep 9 and will launch the $DYDX Deposit Event at the same time.


To celebrate the listing of $DYDX, we will launch the $DYDX Deposit Event.

Please read the following for detailed information.


The event will last 7 days, starting from 00:01 UTC on Sep 9 to 23:59 UTC on Sep 16.


  1. During the event, the top 10 wallets that hold the most $DYDX will receive 1% of their $DYDX value in $LEV.
    For example, wallet A deposited 10M $DYDX on the third day of the event, and no other wallets deposit more than wallet A at the end of the event, then wallet A will receive 10k $LEV.
  2. Only deposited amount counts toward the event.
  3. We will airdrop the reward to the winners’ connected wallets within 5 workdays after the event concludes.

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