Compensation Plan for the Lever Hack

Hi Lever Community,

As you may have already known, our protocol was recently hacked. A total of 32.78 ETH, 1,068.05 BAKE, 167.25 XVS, 1,042.89DAI, 64,157.79 BUSD, 54,335.19USDT ,2.8806 BTC, 1,930.01CAKE, 463.0078DOT, and 332.9184 WBNB were stolen from our liquidity pool. While we are trying our best to track the hacker and retrieve the funds, we would also like to put forward our compensation plan for the community.

In the following days, we will use our own funds to reinject the exact amount of stolen tokens to the liquidity pool. By then you will be able to withdraw your full deposits. With that said, the Lever team will cover your loss. Of course, before we start the injection, we will need some time to fix the loophole and re-audit the contract. So please kindly wait and thanks for your support & understanding.