BETA DAILY REPORT OF MAY 4th&5th: Leaderboard & Lucky Winners

Top100 Leaderboard

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(the sheet is updated on a daily basis, usually 8–9:00 am UTC)

IMPORTANT: we are thinking about adjusting the leaderboard reward to prevent it from being manipulated and make it fairer to community participants. (using multiple wallets is strictly forbidden.)

10 Lucky Winners of May 4th

0xCD75c594A6564e38cC86c4719076d6bD394b1247 0x6C0380218aab3fe028439C333c15E4952D5AD525 0x1110e48f4233CD0aCe7ACb203E0022e85983762a 0xFB13AC8194874D1C449Fac30cb7053EFfd69fF81 0x87566AD28e37e50738559D13e3744B905a084d47 0xdF63562D8c7b8A449f173C1050f71682Ee718C4E 0x88A9b23BE9d6f830bfDaC81988D4A237eFf1f00F 0xA7EfF432845426191c8Ff95d27825D31149b1766 0x2851033D658C7DDE817Fd8925b38523D0b544DbB 0x1528Ce73a56eccc6F2A82B90435D9841fA0b3aDf

10 Lucky Winners of May 5th

0xf11C4A899b6A95A78331e48ce8eE690b97484A12 0x256081303f0d5a7723c4e59A3C319D4613c8DC90 0xCd09c60a826b735265d6B9BeA068097324A39943 0xbD9DE7ef4b4BCAACDF665DAd5db0509F3B10472c 0x7921a9807B3E9ae237891544a57fcD3F07F0FaBd 0xf17441352d36a537c36dB7782B7f08651fbBD86F 0xfE52cBb3FD8007fd21faD0828717b09fA2373BB4 0x252c7d52AB8c3bd421d29Bf7B7f83fCFde49e4F0 0x42AF3Eb91e98fB2B534E21295f1D6b8C951d0bB2 0xca0D743EaBF0eE1888434a4ba5AA5a7DBB305151

Note: rewards for the leaderboard and lucky winners will be distributed after TGE in early May.

Join beta and win LEV daily!

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The First AMM-Based Decentralized Margin Trading Protocol.

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The First AMM-Based Decentralized Margin Trading Protocol.

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